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Growth Stories

easy bathrooms

Easy Bathrooms’ founder Craig Waddington has been involved in the industry since he worked in a bathroom shop for a weekend job as a teenager. You could say it’s in his blood, or rather in his water.

Cubico Group was set up by Craig in 2012, trading first via its trade customer facing “Cubico” brand and soon after via its direct to consumer “Easy Bathroom’s” retail brand as well.

From a standing start, Craig and his team have built the UK’s leading physical retail bathroom and tile specialist – a one-stop shopping experience for high quality product and excellence in service, for affordable bathrooms and ancillary products.

It has established a full bathroom product offering, including bathroom furniture, lighting and tiles which it sells to customers including national distributors, house builders and contractors, but primarily, via direct to end customers and a growing network of local, independent, trade fitter customers.

It’s an impressive achievement in a crowded market and Craig has really found a unique place for the brand to exist and grow. While Easy Bathroom’s targets the mass market audience, it doesn’t try to compete on price with the low-price, volume-based big ‘DIY sheds’, but rather provides an affordable price point for the highest quality products coupled with the highest levels of support and service through the complex design and buying journey.

Why we love Easy Bathrooms

Craig and his team hold peerless industry experience – including all the ‘been there, done that’ battle scars – and Craig has a passion for bathrooms like no other, still playing a leading role in all new product sourcing. His motivation and attention to detail in overseeing every single new store opening is frightening and has a model that is proven and highly scalable. It’s a business that has end-to-end control as well right from sourcing to distribution through to installation.

And at the heart, fantastic products affordably priced and backed by unparalleled retail experience…in-store…online…and post-sale.

It is safe to say that all of the Growth Partner team’s bathroom’s have never looked better! What’s not to love?

Looking ahead...

As well as building the largest national retail footprint –having reached 125 stores by the end of 2022.– Craig and his team, with the support of Growth Partner who came on board in 2020, are investing significantly in the business’s warehousing and distribution capability. The recent opening of its new 330,000 sq. ft. headquarters and distribution centre in Wakefield has been the centrepiece of the investment and will support significant future growth and has created 100’s more local jobs.

“Growth Partner came on board in 2020. I think like the other entrepreneurs already working with Growth Partner, I wasn’t looking for that investment in my business but with Richard Harpin at the helm, it is an investor which shares our passion for the home improvement sector. They believed in our strategy as we become the number one bathroom and tile brand in the UK - making it an exciting partnership for all involved. What began with a ‘sussing-out’ session between me and Richard ultimately led to an investment and from there our growth plan has really accelerated – and I thought we were already growing quickly! I remember that first meeting with Richard. He said to me – if you can do 20 stores, you can do 80 stores. When we announced our partnership in 2020, we said our plan was to have 100 retail stores by 2023 and we’re already going to achieve that now in 2021. There’s no stopping us now.”
Craig Waddington, Founder of Easy Bathrooms
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