New Growth Partner Website!

New Growth Partner Website!

We’re very excited to finally launch our BRAND NEW Growth Partner website!!

We’ve grown a lot as a business ourselves in recent years, building our team and working with more and more amazing entrepreneurs and businesses Wave | Easy Bathrooms | Flooring Superstore | Synergym España | Keelham Farm Shop | Enterprise Nation | Crafter’s Companion!

Fueled by the inspiration of our own founder, Richard Harpin, our purpose at Growth Partner has become clearer and clearer in that time – we aim to partner with and support the fastest growing consumer businesses and challenger brands led by the most talented and ambitious entrepreneurs, and inspire them to exceed their own expectations!

So, we felt it was about time we refreshed our own online identity in a befitting way that clearly shows who we are and what we do, whilst focusing on our current partner businesses and putting their own amazing growth stories centre stage!

We’re so proud of our new digital home and a big thank to all all of our partners who took the time and effort to contribute such fantastic content Sara Davies MBELeonard LvovichDan FoskettTom JeffreyEmma Jones– and hats off to John GreavesBryan Picoto and Jenny Warwood (Cattell) for a superb job in building the site and representing us so well, much appreciated all!

Please do let us know what you think!!?

#entrepreneurs #newwebsitelaunch #inspiration

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