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Growth Stories


For experienced entrepreneurs, Dr. Sergey Miteyko and Leonard Lvovich, the vision to establish Synergym, now on its way to becoming the number one value fitness chain in Spain, was born from personal experience.

Both keen on fitness and being frequent gym users, Sergey and Len saw that the quality of gyms generally – the equipment, the facilities, the customer experience – varied greatly, and was not always too impressive.

After considerable market research, they identified Spain as being ripe for the introduction of a low-cost, high value fitness chain as, at the time, the Spanish market was polarised between, on one side owner-operated clubs with low-quality equipment, and on the other, large, expensive clubs operated by international chains.

Synergym was launched in 2013 and its first two clubs opened in Malaga a year later. This was followed by eight more clubs over the next two years.

Growth Partner came onboard in 2019 – at which time the team had just opened their seventeenth club. Since then, roll-out has been undertaken at a rapid pace and now (March 2024) there are 96 Synergym clubs in Spain, in cities including Barcelona, Zaragoza, Vigo, Burgos and Gijon.

And with Growth Partner’s investment, in addition to its gym roll-out, Synergym is establishing its own digital connected equipment brand, “Beat”, to offer an immersive, effective, connected and accessible training experience in the comfort of customers’ homes through a combination of connected home fitness equipment (including a spinning bike, treadmill, and rower) with their own home and group fitness content.

Why we love Synergym…

Synergym has built its own recording studio to allow its Beat group fitness classes to be streamed live and on-demand via its online platforms – which is to be sold as an additional package to its members and non-members. Synergym is also leveraging the content creation capabilities of Beat to offer its own fitness class content across its clubs, removing the reliance on third-party fitness content providers.

Looking ahead…

Synergym is aiming to become the leading value gym chain in Spain, with a plan to reach 200 clubs by 2025. Additionally, with Beat, Synergym is working to create a leading digital connected equipment platform in Europe.

“For Synergym specifically there are four reasons why Growth Partner is the right partner for us: One, they are just good people to work with. This is very important because in all our ongoing interactions, we work with Growth Partner in a spirit of openness and partnership, which is their ethos. Our working arrangement is simple and based around a simple purpose – how do we get the business to the next level and what is the most efficient and beneficial way to do this? Two, they are top-notch professionals at the top of their game. Three, their network is superb. You need something they don’t have; they’ll find it. And four, we benefit greatly from the creative and strategic input that comes from Richard Harpin’s personal involvement. Richard’s ideas and vision coupled with the Growth Partner business consultancy expertise is a powerful and productive combination.”
Leonard Lvovich, Co-founder of Synergym
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